Mirko Beljanski's research goes on

While the multiple successes of Dr. Mirko Beljanski’s work led to the introduction of many efficacious products in Europe and despite the publication of 133 peers reviewed papers, his work was virtually unknown in the United States.
The introduction of The Beljanski® Products to the US in 1997 drew the interest of several prestigious institutions. Several studies have been conducted by independent laboratories with samples provided by Natural source.
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The Shelby Report : "Natural Source International Introduces the new 'Recipe for Health' "

Want to know what's going on in the food and grocery industry?
The Shelby Report is one of the leading publications which provides the latest regional and national supermarket news.
This month they dedicated an article to our green drink (whole food blend of organic fruits and vegetables):"Natural Source International introduces the new "Recipe for Health"".
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Healthy Living magazine : learn why Donna Richardson Joyner is using our products

Check out Donna Richardson Joyner’s nutrition and wellness tips and how she uses Ladybel® daily to help support cellular health and French secret® and Targetage® to stay healthy and beautiful.
The "Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living magazine" : Ladybel - Donna Richardson Joyner - Healthy Living -
Learn more about the products Donna Richardson recommends to use:
Ladybel® (Beljanski® products)
Calcium & Magnesium (Targetage®)
D perfect (Targetage®)
Deep Celular Repair (French Secret®)

Healthy Living magazine : learn why John Lee Hooker Jr. and his wife are using our products

John Lee Hooker Jr. has chosen Prostabel® for his prostate health and is very happy about it!
Read the full article in "The Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living magazine"
Learn more about the products John Lee Hooker Jr. and his wife recomend:
Ladybel® (Beljanski® products)
Prostabel® (Beljanski® products)
C perfect (Targetage®)

Developing Healthy habits: "Detoxification for Prostate Health"

Read Sylvie Beljanski’s article on the benefits of detoxification to support prostate health on the cover of the newsletter "Developing Healthy Habits".