We are well aware of the impact of pollution on our environment. Our approach to wellness is based on the knowledge that environmental toxins affect our health and wellness.

Toxins find their way into our bodies in countless ways, and in many cases cannot be avoided. They are abundant in the food that we eat and the products that we use. They are in the air we breathe and the water we drink. The pollution that we have ceaselessly dumped into the environment is getting back at us and affecting our health. While this is a commonly accepted notion today, it was actually developed years ago in the 1960s, before knowledge about the harmful effects of pollution was widely known, thanks to the work of scientists like Dr. Mirko Beljanski (1923-1998), who was able to offer a scientific explanation at the cellular level of how environmental toxins affect the DNA at the core of our cells.

That is why it is our responsibility to the environment impacts every decision we make. Furthermore, to avoid burdening our environment with increased pollution, we choose to use recyclable and/or biodegradable packaging and shipping materials, and we are always looking for “greener” alternatives to continue to grow our business.

Sourcing Sustainability and fair-trade

Most our raw materials are harvested in remote part of the world and third world countries. Our goal is to act responsibly to ensure that there are sustainable forest management practices while protecting local biodiversity. We choose our partners following a strict guideline to ensure to the famers and their community a regular income.


The transportation of merchandise can represent an important stake in controlling the ecological footprint of a product or a service, according to the distance to cover and the means of transportation chosen. We tend to optimize movement, grouping large orders and using warehouse facilities in appropriate locations.


We select the best and most responsible packaging available: glass and recyclable plastic containers. We also use recyclable and/or biodegradable packaging and shipping materials

Our offices

Everyday, we do our best to reduce our ecological footprint within our New York offices. Maison Beljanski is located in the center of Manhattan and encourages its employees to use public transportation through a transportation plan with financial incentive. Shredding and recycling paper process, turning off every light and computer screen at night are also among the various commitments we take.