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Beljanski® is a line of exceptional and natural dietary supplements developed by Mirko Beljanski, PhD

The Beljanski®  Products, made of Pao Pereira, Rauwolfia Vomitoria, Ginkgo Biloba and RNA fragments developed by Mirko Beljanski, PhD. Numerous scientific publication confirm the high quality of these extracts.

  1. Pao V®

    Pao V® contains Pao pereira bark extract, which helps support the body’s own immune system.


  2. Pao V "FM"®

    Pao V "FM"® is a blend of Pao pereira and Quassia amara that supports the body natural defense system.


  3. Rovol V®

    Rovol V® promotes healthy cellular regulation, especially when the hormonal system is challenged.


  4. Ginkgo V®

    Ginkgo V® enhances the natural cell repair process and promotes healthy tissues.


  5. Pao Vet®

    Pao Vet®, help your pet Feel Better Naturally. Pao Vet® contains Pao pereira bark extract, which helps support your pet’s immune system.


  6. Prostabel®

    Prostabel® is a unique and proprietary formula that promotes the health of prostate cells.*


  7. ReaLBuild®

    ReaLBuild® is a clinically studied formula that helps maintain platelet and white blood cell counts.


  8. OnkoTea®

    OnkoTea® is available in 3 different varieties: Wellness (Lemon Essence), Serenity (Lemon Ginger), Radiance (Mango Peach).

    Note: OnkoTea® 100 count only available in the USA.