For twenty years now, our small company has defied all the market rules and avoided conventional business practices: marketing campaigns, no sales representatives, no store...

Thanks to you, and against all odds, we are still here! How come? What do you think our strengths and our weaknesses are? How would you like us to evolve in the future?

I did not want to send you a classic customer satisfaction survey to get your responses because in my opinion, closed questions with yes or no answers, are of little use. What I am really interested in and would like to know is the WHY of your opinions.

Would you like to offer me a present for the 20th anniversary of Natural Source?

Write to me.

We will collect all of your stories and create a guest book to be presented during the symposium organized by Natural Source to commemorate its 20th anniversary on December 3rd in New York.

Most companies consider their relationship with their customers as a series of business transactions. That is not the way I see it. I did not set out on this adventure simply for “business transactions”. I founded Natural Source for human and emotional reasons. What is my place in your life?

Feel free to send your message to:


Sylvie Beljanski