Natural Source to Maison Beljanski

Natural Source International

Changes its name to Maison Beljanski

More than 20 years years ago, two entities, Natural Source International Ltd. and The Beljanski Foundation were born in the United States. The first mission was to sustain the supply and distribution of the extracts developed by Dr. Mirko Beljanski, while the second was to confirm and further the research he had undertaken during his flourishing career as a biologist. During these two decades, both have successfully fulfilled their mission.

The name Beljanski and the famous "Beljanski Products" are now known and recognized among the scientific community and have been able to grow and thrive throughout the years, despite the passing of Dr. Beljanski in 1998. 

Recently, the opening of a boutique in New York called "Maison Beljanski" offers direct access to our entire range of products, a personalized consulting service as well as events and conferences.

Over the years, the name Beljanski became the term that differentiated us, distinguished us, and represented our identity and our legitimacy. It is for this reason, Natural Source International changed its name and become Maison Beljanski.

The impact that this change will have on our customers is limited. Our offers and our services will remain unchanged and only our communication will present a different visual. During the first few weeks, it is possible that some pages of our website change, but we do everything to ensure that your customer experience is always fluid and pleasant.

We hope you will accompany us in this evolution. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact our team. Our phone number, mailing address and home hours will remain unchanged. For any request by email, we invite you to write to us at Source to Maison Beljanski