Pao pereira comparative study

Knowing what is actually in your supplements is often a challenge. There may be a less expensive version but there is a reason it is less expensive. 

Don’t be fooled by low cost products that offer just a fraction of the extract you need. There can be a huge difference in concentrations between various extracts available on the market, as shown in a comparative study conducted by an independent laboratory commissioned by The Beljanski Foundation.

The Beljanski Foundation is often contacted by people looking for guidance to buy the right extracts as per Mirko Beljanski’s specifications. Therefore, The Beljanski Foundation purchased several products available on the market advertised as Pao pereira products, to measure their concentration in flavopereirine (the key alkaloid in Pao pereira). All the Pao pereira products were analyzed anonymously by an independent lab and tested using the same techniques.

Natural Source International dramatically surpassed all of its competitors. That’s why reputable research entities choose Natural Source International’s products for their research.

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If you are looking for a Beljanski® product, look for the trademark. Serious, quality products are trademarked. The trademark should appear visibly on the label.

The Beljanski® Products are exclusively manufactured for Natural Source International according to Dr. Beljanski’s proprietary extraction processes and because of the quality of the products we sell, we are the only company that has been authorized to use the “Beljanski” trademark for our products. Do not hesitate to contact The Beljanski Foundation to suggest other Pao pereira products testing. Help us to spread the word, participate in our survey to select the best advertisement and win 100 Natural Source points. It is easy: just click on this link: HERE, and vote for your favorite ad and 100 Natural Source points will be credited to your account.