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Product Review (submitted on April 24, 2020):
I have been taking real build for 10 years+ on and off. Now, I try to be as consistently on, as possible. I found out what the difference was by repeated drop - offs of the product. Hence, why I kept going back. I talked about this because it is a unique product that needs some getting to know. Such a new and different approach to home care, I needed to learn about my reactions to it. This developed to be, the fact that if I didn't take it my health dropped and struggled. When I took it, I came back to life, I function better at exercising, cooking, endurance-related things like laundry and even shopping. Better thinking, less fog, less sluggishness. When I take them I hear myself saying, I need to go get the energy that I can't give myself. I feel it protects me from flus, too, boosting my immune system, when I can't do that, either. When I take real build, my nails grow faster, my hair is stronger, I feel more - up. I literally feel that when I take my dose, the frags go straight to my weakest places first. If I have a headache, I feel activity in my head, first when I broke my toe, I felt the frags energized my toe injury first. I always feel them helping my adrenals. Pulling me together. I stand straighter. Those are my side-effects. If I take too much, I feel like my leg muscles want to run, except I know from my injuries I can't support running. So, I take less to be at the same Pace as my healing. I don't know where I'd be without them, honestly. I am a happier person, relieved I have help I can manage. They have really pulled me out of the mud. My condition, adrenal insufficiency, was due to a trauma my mother was in while she was 8 months pregnant with me and my twin sister. We weren't expected to live. My father and grandfather died in a boat accident, and my mother went into such despair her adrenal glands strained not only her body, but the stress used mine and my sister's adrenal glands, too. There was no separating us from her. We didn't find out how this affected our adrenals until we were about 40 years old, going to natural-based doctors. Our mother died and the stress of that on my sister and I put us into an adrenal crisis in 2004, which was when we started our journey to find us the right kind of medical help. Around 2007 , the Beljanski family put out a book on RNA fragments and stem cell therapy. I read the book, it made so much sense, I started my own journey with the fragments. If your mother was in trauma while you were in utero, your adrenals may have been strained, too? Something to consider. It's not easy at all to treat adrenal glands. It took me a very very long time to figure out why my system was so sluggish. That's why I relate the story here. I know I may never fully regain my adrenal functioning, but I am thrilled I found something as reliable as real build to help me live on a long-term basis. It's that bit of help at the right time any product developed by the Beljanski family, is very worth your time, money, and physical investment. In my opinion, they are a Class - A company; products, people, everything.