Detox and Rejuvenate

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Targetage® is a comprehensive line of products that will help eliminate toxins, revitalize and rebuild cells
  1. Signature Chelate by Sylvie Beljanski®

    Signature Chelate by Sylvie Beljanski® is a powerful oral chelation product to aid the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms and the removal of heavy metals and other toxins.

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  2. Colonet™

    Colonet is an herbal formulation of powerful, yet gentle, quality ingredients to support the colonic lining as well as overall digestion.*

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  3. Lovaliver®

    Lovaliver® contains precious nutrients including N-Acetyl Cysteine, which may help support the liver’s own production of powerful antioxidants nutrients to help the body remove toxins and support the natural detoxification mechanisms of the liver.

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  4. Puriperfect®

    Puriperfect® removes impurities and may help support an optimally functioning immune system and G.I. tract by aiding nutrient absorption as well as waste elimination.

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  5. Perfect Factor®

    Perfect Factor®may help to boost energy levels, support fat metabolism, aid in appetite suppression and help suppress sugar cravings.

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  6. Recipe for Health®

    Recipe for Health® is an easy to mix, berry tasting, nutrient powder blend containing a carefully selected mix of organic green vegetables, fruits and antioxidants. This formula may help balance today’s modern diet, which typically lacks these key nutrients.

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  7. Calcium and Magnesium

    Calcium and Magnesium contains highly bioavailable amino acid chelated calcium and magnesium, plus a blend of enzymes to aid in optimal calcium absorption, which plays an important role in both bone formation and bone health

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  8. Vitamin-Mineral Antioxidant

    Vitamin-Mineral Antioxidant is a whole food based, vitamin, mineral and nutrient formula, for superior absorption and optimal nutrition, to help fight the negative effects of poor nutrition and stressful lifestyle

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  9. C Perfect

    C Perfect is unique because it contains no synthetic ascorbic acid. Vitamin C helps support the maintenance of collagen, healthy bones, teeth and blood vessels. It is also a powerful antioxidant.

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  10. D Perfect

    D Perfect contains only plant-based Vitamin D, extracted from the vegetable source lichen. Vitamin D is necessary to maintain bone mass, modulate cell growth, and optimize neuromuscular and immune functions.

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  11. Ω Omega Perfect

    Ω Omega Perfect contains only “clean” Omega 3 fatty acids which are carefully extracted from fish oils using molecular distillation to ensure the removal of contaminants including heavy metals such as Mercury and Lead.* Omega 3 fatty acids are believed to be important for a number of metabolic, immune and nervous system functions.

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  12. B Perfect

    B Perfect is an excellent whole food source of the Vitamin B complex to help support healthy metabolic rate, skin and hair, and provides material for healthy cell repair and growth.

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  13. Digestive Harmony

    Digestive Harmony is a carefully balanced formulation: probiotics (friendly bacteria) may help the body’s absorption of nutrients in the intestinal tract while chelated minerals may help naturally activate enzyme production to achieve full metabolism of nutrients.

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  14. Natural Source Gift Certificate

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