Why Choose Targetage®?

The quality choice to hit your health target®!

Targetage® supplements are made with the highest quality ingredients possible and use the most potent and complete whole food formulas available, promoting intense detoxification, and providing a superior source of vitamins and minerals, plus a wide array of antioxidant protection as well as quality probiotics.

Targetage® line of exceptional dietary supplements will help you RESTORE BALANCE as you REMOVE toxin accumulation and REJUVENATE.

Unique powerful formulas

  • Innovative, complex formulas made with natural ingredients in order to help remove toxins and rejuvenate the body.
  • The ingredients of each formula have been carefully selected for optimal results.

Natural ingredients

Most dietary supplements on the market are composed of synthetic ingredients. Synthetic versions of vitamins contain chemical compounds that are not identical to those created by nature, and lack cofactors, which are vital for optimal absorption.

The Targetage® line of dietary supplements is a unique and highly bioavailable alternative providing:

  • Vitamin, mineral and whole food formulas sourced from the finest, natural available resources
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Vegetarian capsules and natural softgels
  • Excellent support to optimal nutrition

Restore your balance in 2 steps

Step One: Remove toxins

No matter how careful we are, we cannot avoid ingesting some amount of environmental toxins. In particular, heavy metals tend to accumulate and remain in our body’s fatty tissues.
The first step to restoring balance is to remove these harmful molecules from the body by using specific products that help support detoxification.

Step Two: Rejuvenate with probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants

The second step to restoring balance is to rejuvenate the body with important nutrients necessary to provide higher energy levels, increased metabolism, more efficient digestion, and strengthen its natural defenses.

The quality choice to hit your health Target! ®